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2020 has come with a lot of challenges and changes in the way of living. COVID-19 has made WFH become the norm. Working remotely can be exhausting and boring - especially for extroverts, because there is no means of any physical interaction with others!

Fret not, here are some team building activities to reconnect and do online during the lockdown.

There are plenty of reasons for online team building activities. Some of it are:

To improve bonding and interaction

To develop and Promote Team Cooperation

To promote good work relations

To promote positive behaviors

Here are 5 cool online activities to work on with colleagues or even friends.

1. Health Challenge

Your employees are sometimes busy in remote working and because of the workload, they do not pay attention to their health.

Assign health and fitness challenges to them. To support the physical well-being of your remote workers, you may suggest different tasks such as completing "X" number of pushups, squats, and jumps. Schedule weekly Yoga or HIIT classes to do online via Zoom to motivate everyone to exercise!

Social exercise apps like Seven also help with bite-sized classes and to challenge friends to exercise.

2. A Tea Break

The constant video call meeting makes you feel tired. A little 20 to 30-minute tea break is not a big deal. But make sure during tea break no work talk is allowed. Allow others to talk about what they want.

You can talk about the new Netflix series, personal lives, and current affairs. This can seem like a very good opportunity to connect with teammates in a fun and simple manner for those who work online.

3. Online Games

Online games can freshen and relax the minds of employees, and also can also release the stress of workload.

You can merge different online games into one competition. Divide the employees into different teams.

Some fun team games to play include, an online game which involves drawing (now you know who the artistic ones are).

You can also play “Never have I ever…” to find out more about each other!

4. Lunch and Learn Sessions

Every week in a team, schedule a 15 minute sharing session, where your team takes turns to share anything with the team. At HubbedIn for instance, we have Lunch Fridays where a colleague shares something they want to share - from hobbies, to our life, to our family, to our life lessons, or favorite books.

5. Sharing Pictures

Picture sharing activity develops creativity and connection with people. You can set a theme every week for people to share their photos, to foster a sense of connection.

Some title ideas are: “Most memorable photo”, “Most embarrassing photo”, “My Pet”, “My Hobby”, “My family”, “Exercise”.

So what are you waiting for? Get moving to foster those connections.

Any other interesting ideas? Feel free to share them! :)

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