What is a Full Stack Developer?

Updated: Dec 9, 2020


Full Stack developers are software engineers proficient in both the front end of Website/Application development (User-Interface) and the back end (Server and Database).

It has been increasingly notable that the term ‘Full Stack’ has been used widely by recruiters and developers in the programming industry. Could it just be a buzzword or actually a shift in programming trend? In this article, we will uncover what being a Full Stack developer entail, the advantages and disadvantages, common questions one will have, and where to find work.

What is Front End?

Front End developers are responsible for everything that you see on a website. From the User-Interface (UI) to User-Experience (UX) to some of the most popular languages such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript programming. They are used to elevate the consumer’s experience and impress upon them the technical prowess of the company and ultimately turn potential visitors into customers. Some companies that have done this very well are Apple and GoPro as seen from their interactive and experiential UI.

No wonder people pay double the price for Apple!

What is Back End?

Back End developers are responsible for everything behind-the-scene of a website/application. From the fonts and design to the rendering of content from a server and fetching data from a database. Some popular languages are Python, JavaScript, and Go. They are fundamental to the operations of a website and are highly sought after.

What are Full Stack developers?

Full Stack developers are proficient in both fields, front end and back end. Most of the time, programmers from either field will learn the other to operate efficiently. So over time, the distinction gets blurry as programmers will master both fields to widen job opportunities. And the trend of being proficient in both is increasingly sought after by companies.


As mentioned earlier, being proficient in both fields will bring about more job opportunities due to the wide breadth of technical expertise the programmer has. Also, they naturally possess a broader mindset which will be reflected in their work and will better understand all aspects of new and upcoming technologies. Similarly, they can also bridge the gap between front end and back end engineers due to their extensive knowledge. As such, there is a higher probability for full stack developers to rise through the ranks. These are qualities valued by companies when hiring a software engineer.


The most common disadvantage of a full stack developer is that they are ‘Jack of all trades but master of none’. Having possessed a wide breadth of knowledge on the different programming languages but not exceptionally proficient in one language. This could be a result of the complexity of picking up several languages and the time required is tremendous.

Does Being a Full Stack Developer Pay Well?

According to Glassdoor and Indeed, being a Full Stack developer in Singapore pays on average $5,000 to $8,000. So it is indeed an attractive job to seek. And according to the Stack Overflow 2016 Developer Survey, Full Stack developers are one of the highest-paid and most sought-after professionals today.

Are Full Stack Developers in Demand?

As mentioned above, they are the most sought-after, especially by startups due to cost constraints. Also, they are a valuable asset to any company for being adaptable, flexible, and agile due to their wide breadth of knowledge and expertise.

How to Become One?

Firstly of all, one would have to pick up programming languages. Some common platforms to pick them up on a budget are:

Local institutions may also offer computing courses, although at a higher price.

Commitment is of crucial importance as it is no easy language to master and motivation to persevere towards procuring such a skill.

Where to Find Work?

One will have to decide whether to work in a local office or work remotely. Both have their pros and cons but more of that will be discussed in a future article. In this pandemic era, remote work is the new norm and the opportunities for software developers regardless of location are on the rise. This is where working for reputable companies in the US and Singapore is available to anyone living in any part of the globe.

If you’d like to get started on your remote working journey to work for reputable companies in the US and Singapore, our team is here to help! :D

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